About Us

Who We Are

The purpose of the Diploma in Hotel Management and Aviation program is to prepare students to be productive from day one when they integrate a hospitality organization. Even cruise demonstrate with highly influence throughout the world and make it way of success for their carrier.
This program offers students business courses but most importantly courses to promote understanding and skills development related to food, lodging, and tourism underlying the importance of a customer-centric approach. During internships, students are continuously exposed to real-life situations in order to enhance their practical and creative skills.
The objective of this comprehensive classroom and on-the-job learning is to enhance the students’ capabilities to demonstrate knowledge, practical skills and competences required for successful supervisory responsibilities within the hospitality industry.

Why Join ACES

We might be small on years of experience but we have already placed 90% of our students and unlike others big brands, we have a lot to lose if we don’t deliver on our said promises. We are young group of pilots and cabi crew who know. And we assure 100% job placement with a unique curriculum advanced pedagogy, and innovation initiatives, we train students to be part of world’s No 1 Industry-service.